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About us

Autocares Vidao, S.L. , is a small family-owned passenger transport company created in 1967 .

We have extensive experience in the sector, our treatment is close, personalized, responsible and we advise and advise our clients.

We adapt to any situation or demand to satisfy your needs as much as possible.

We are dedicated to the scholastic and discretional transport of travelers , both nationally and internationally, where we have extensive knowledge.

We strive every day to give a quality service , where the goal is for our clients to enjoy the pleasure of traveling with us.

We have vehicles from 54 to 60 seats as well as taxis from 5 to 9 seats .

Our human team is highly qualified with extensive experience and professionalism.

We are a coach company located in Balaguer ( Lleida ). We have customer service 24 hours a day . In addition, we provide our transportation services nationwide.

In Autocars Vidao we aim to give customers a quality service at the best price. Do not hesitate to contact us.